About Nzinga Adegun

Nzinga Adegun is an accomplished author, educator, and advocate based in Washington, DC. With a degree in psychology and a Master's in Education, specializing in School Counseling, Nzinga has dedicated her career to transforming struggling educational systems. Her book, "100 Days of Hell: Teaching a Struggling Class in a Failing System," sheds light on the challenges faced by educators and offers insights into overcoming them.


Nzinga's expertise extends beyond the classroom as a certified yoga instructor (400 RYT) and Sacred Woman practitioner, having studied under the esteemed Queen Afua. Her passion for holistic wellness and empowerment is evident in her co-authorship of "Ashy Men Will Make You Fat," a compelling exploration of self-love and personal growth.


As a devoted mother, Nzinga cherishes the value of nurturing and inspiring young minds. Her commitment to youth advocacy led her to establish the non-profit organization "My Sister’s House," where she serves as the President/CEO. Through this community-based residential program, Nzinga and her team strive to provide comprehensive support to youth, focusing on social, emotional, economic, and educational development.


In her free time, Nzinga finds solace in nature, camping, and exploring the outdoors. She also enjoys traveling and the enriching experiences it brings. Nzinga's vibrant spirit shines through her love for laughter and having fun, creating an uplifting atmosphere wherever she goes.