About Ashleigh McPetty

Hello everyone and thank you for purchasing (and reading) our self help book. This book and my ministry is dedicated to women who want to live a fuller, happier, and healthy life no matter the path you go down. I am a woman-centered woman and I am ecstatic to have you here. This book has been a culmination of knowledge I’ve garnered in my time being a personal trainer with a predominately female clientele, to my transition to being a housewife and stay at home mom, to now being a content creator and social media influencer. Our goal is to inspire, support, and empower women to live their best and fullest lives and to laugh along the way.

I was born and raised in a country town in Oklahoma, but left soon after high school to explore and get my education. I applied to one college and got in and my fearlessness was born then. I went to and graduated from The Ohio State University. I had no family or support in college and really feel that my foundation was laid as I attempted to find myself and my purpose. After graduation, I moved to California, then to Illinois where I planted roots. I have had a few different careers, but all came down to customer service and helping women. I have been fortunate to have so many women who have entrusted me in my various careers and who have been my mentors and accountability partners. This book is years of experience and wisdom that are not all mine, but a culmination of excellence from the tribe I have created.

Thank you for trusting us and supporting this project, which will be the first of many. 


Ashleigh McPetty