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BUNDLE & SAVE (Ashy Men Will Make You Fat Guide Book & Journal)

BUNDLE & SAVE (Ashy Men Will Make You Fat Guide Book & Journal)

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Reap the rewards of our BUNDLE and stick it to the manosphere! Get the Petty Self-Help Guide Book and the Ashy Men Will Make You Fat Journal/Workbook at an unbeatable price. Get your hands on this deal - all without breaking the bank!

This book helps us expand our understanding of health, with relatable examples. To build collective health and wellness, we must go beyond weight and size - our limited resources of time, money, and energy require mindful management. We often exhaust ourselves with the demands of others, leaving us in need of revival. Our mission is to remind women that self-care is essential and should take priority. Fill up your tank before you pour your overflow into those around you - that's my go-to motto. We hope to empower women to place importance on looking after themselves first.

Get your thoughts together in this hilariously-titled, Ashy Men Will Make You Fat Journal/Workbook! With plenty of blank pages for writing, you can let your creativity flow without having to worry about being too serious. A great way to get your hopes, dreams, and ideas down in one place! Who knew staying organized could be so punny (petty + funny)?

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